You are currently viewing TGI Fridays Menu Price List [Updated 2022]

TGI Fridays Menu Price List [Updated 2022]

TGI Friday’s is an American fast food restaurant. TGI Fridays are famous for burgers and sandwiches worldwide. TGI Fridays began as a cocktail bar and gradually became more popular. The restaurant currently has 850+ restaurants worldwide and 566 in the USA.TGI Friday’s opening hours are from 11:00 AM to 22:00 AM. TGI Friday’s Menu Price List is relatively high, but their services are impeccable. If you are looking for a place where you will get delicious dishes that will spice up your tongue with flavors, then visit TGI Fridays.

TGI Fridays Food

TGI Friday’s Menu items like Appetizers, sandwiches, steak & ribs, desserts, sides, popular specials, drinks, burgers, chicken, seafood & pasta, salad & soups, kid’s menu, etc…

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Q. Does Friday still have unlimited appetizers?

Some restaurant only offers special deals on certain days or during specific hours. However, TGI Fridays offer endless apps all day, every day, even though it was previously only available from 9 PM to closing.

Q. How many calories are in a cajun shrimp and chicken pasta?

TGI Friday cajun shrimp & chicken pasta contains 87g total carbs, 81g net carbs,72g fat, 67g protein, and 1310 calories.

Q. Can you take dogs to TGI Fridays?

TGI Fridays have received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 bones from 4 canine critics on bringing fido and 3.5 out of 5 from 37 guests on Tripadvisor. Brought our pups to lunch and the server was prompt with a bucket of water. The food was great too.

Q. How many calories are in TGI Friday’s sesame chicken?

There are 251 calories in 100 g of TGI Friday sesame chicken strips.

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