You are currently viewing Robeks Menu Price List [Updated 2022]

Robeks Menu Price List [Updated 2022]

Robeks is a privately held franchised smoothie store chain in the USA. Robeks Menu is known for its healthy smoothies and juices. Robeks Menu always serves their customers healthy and refreshing smoothies. Robeks Menu also has fresh juices and fruit bowls on the menu. Robeks Menu Price List has a specialization in a wide variety of raw juice combinations and fresh greek yogurt smoothies.

Robeks Juice

Robeks Menu has items like classic flavors, power, simplicity, nature’s best, coffee, quick shoots, fan favorites, performance, kids, freshly squeezed juices, greek yogurt, bowls, etc…

Let’s Check out the Robeks Menu Price List.




Classic Flavors

Malibu Peach™ Small $5.11
Malibu Peach™ Medium $6.39
Malibu Peach™ Large $7.67
Big Wednesday® Small $5.11
Big Wednesday® Medium $6.39
Big Wednesday® Large $7.67
Polar Pineapple™ Small $5.11
Polar Pineapple™ Medium $6.39
Polar Pineapple™ Large $7.67
South Pacific Squeeze® Small $5.11
South Pacific Squeeze® Medium $6.39
South Pacific Squeeze® Large $7.67
Pina Koolada™ Small $5.11
Pina Koolada™ Medium $6.39
Pina Koolada™ Large $7.67
Berry Brilliance® Small $5.11
Berry Brilliance® Medium $6.39
Berry Brilliance® Large $7.67
Passionfruit Cove® Small $5.11
Passionfruit Cove® Medium $6.39
Passionfruit Cove® Large $7.67
Raspberry Romance® Small $5.11
Raspberry Romance® Medium $6.39
Raspberry Romance® Large $7.67
Infinite Orange® Small $5.11
Infinite Orange® Medium $6.39
Infinite Orange® Large $7.67


800 LB. Gorilla™ Medium $8.69
800 LB. Gorilla™ Large $9.97
Musclemax Medium $8.69
Musclemax Large $9.97


Pineapple Orange Passion™ Small $3.83
Pineapple Orange Passion™ Medium $4.47
Refreshingly Raspberry™ Small $3.83
Refreshingly Raspberry™ Medium $4.47

Nature’s Best

Tropi-Kale™ Medium $8.05
Tropi-Kale™ Large $9.33
Awesome Acai™ Medium $8.05
Awesome Acai™ Large $9.33
Super Green™ Medium $8.05
Super Green™ Large $9.33


Naturally Coffee Small $5.62
Naturally Coffee Medium $6.90
Naturally Coffee Large $8.18
Naturally Mocha Small $5.62
Naturally Mocha Medium $6.90
Naturally Mocha Large $8.18
Iced Mocha Small $5.62
Iced Mocha Medium $6.90
Iced Mocha Large $8.18

Quick Shoots

Lemon / Ginger Shot 2 oz. $5.11
Wheat Grass Shot 2 oz. $5.11
Acai / Lemon Shot 2 oz. $5.11

Fan Favorites

Strawnana Berry™ Small $5.11
Strawnana Berry™ Medium $6.39
Strawnana Berry™ Large $7.67
The Hummingbird® Small $5.11
The Hummingbird® Medium $6.39
The Hummingbird® Large $7.67
Mahalo Mango® Small $5.11
Mahalo Mango® Medium $6.39
Mahalo Mango® Large $7.67


Acai Energizer™ Medium $8.18
Acai Energizer™ Large $9.46
Venice Burner Medium $8.18
Venice Burner Large $9.46
Passionfruit Power™ Medium $8.18
Passionfruit Power™ Large $9.46
Age Buster™ Medium $8.18
Age Buster™ Large $9.46
Heart Health Medium $8.18
Heart Health Large $9.46
Berry Slim™ Medium $8.18
Berry Slim™ Large $9.46
Pro Arobek™ Medium $8.18
Pro Arobek™ Large $9.46
DR. Robeks Medium $8.18
DR. Robeks Large $9.46
The Replenisher Medium $8.18
The Replenisher Large $9.46
Healthy Harmony™ Medium $8.18
Healthy Harmony™ Large $9.46


PB&J Delight Small $4.98
Strawberry Sipper Small $4.98
Mini Mango Small $4.98

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Evergreen Small $6.77
Evergreen Medium $8.44
Evergreen Large $10.23
Cool Cucumber Small $6.77
Cool Cucumber Medium $8.44
Cool Cucumber Large $10.23
ABC Small $6.77
ABC Medium $8.44
ABC Large $10.23
King Kale™ Small $6.77
King Kale™ Medium $8.44
King Kale™ Large $10.23
G-Snap Small $6.77
G-Snap Medium $8.44
G-Snap Large $10.23
Crazy Carrot Small $6.77
Crazy Carrot Medium $8.44
Crazy Carrot Large $10.23
Sweet Green Small $6.77
Sweet Green Medium $8.44
Sweet Green Large $10.23

Greek Yogurt

Emperor Acai™ Small $7.03
Emperor Acai™ Medium $8.31
Emperor Acai™ Large $9.59
Spartan Berry™ Small $7.03
Spartan Berry™ Medium $8.31
Spartan Berry™ Large $9.59
Strawberry Temple™ Small $7.03
Strawberry Temple™ Medium $8.31
Strawberry Temple™ Large $9.59


Acai Especial Bowl™ $8.44
Fast Break Bowl™ $8.44
Split Banana Bowl™ $8.44


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Q.Does robeks use real fruit?

At Robeks, every choice you make is a good one! You can trust us to make delicious,good-for-you smoothies and juices using only the best fruits, fresh vegetables, and natural ingredients.

Q.Does robeks use frozen fruit?

Robeks uses real raw veggies and frozen fruit along with sherbet and yogurt. Most of the fruit they use is dole IQF.

Q.What is in Robek’s fat burner?

Robeks trim burner

A unique sports and fitness blend to help regulate a healthy diet and burn fat. Contains whey protein, cellulose fiber, calcium caseinate, garcinia Cambogia, glutamine,L-carnimite, calcium, magnesium, and chromium.

Q.What is known as the queen of all greens?

Indeed, while spinach has long been the king of greens, kale is now being crowned the queen.

Q.Does Robeks has keto smoothies?

Strawberry avo surprise features unsweetened vanilla almond milk, strawberries, avocado,Robeks proprietary monk fruit sweetener, and a propriety keto enhancer. Robeks’ low-sugar, low-carb, keto-friendly smoothies are available at all locations.

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