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Primo Hoagies Menu Price List

Primo Hoagies is a fast food sandwich restaurant chain specializing in sandwiches served on hoagie-style bread. Primo Hoagies prices are similar to those of sub sandwich restaurant chains, although they might be slightly higher depending on where you live. The sandwiches come in three sizes including small, Primo, and whole. You will probably want to get either the small or the Primo size, because whole is definitely too much for most people.

Primo Hoagies Menu Price List is an authentic Italian hoagie shop with stores across the East Coast . Primo Hoagies Menu Price List is prominent for specialty sandwiches . This is one of  the renowned and privately held restaurant in the USA. The dining atmosphere is casual , and the service is fast and friendly, making it a perfect lunch stop on a busy day . Primo Hoagies Menu  offer online ordering so you can  get your food without even leaving home . Primo Hoagies Menu Price List have since expanded to 9 states with nearly 90+ locations.

Primo Hoagies Menu has items like the “diablos”,healthy choice, our specialities, primo hots, catering hoagies trays, catering primo cookies, sandwich toppings, catering sampler platters, etc…

Let’s have a quick Primo Hoagies Menu Price List .




The “Diablos”

Spicy, Yet Cool – Made With Our Original Blend of Spices
Turkey Diablo Small $5.99
Turkey Diablo Primo® $8.59
Turkey Diablo Whole $19.99
Tuna Diablo Small $5.99
Tuna Diablo Primo® $8.79
Tuna Diablo Whole $19.99
Big “T” Diablo Small $5.99
Big “T” Diablo Primo® $8.49
Big “T” Diablo Whole $19.99
Chicken Diablo Small $6.59
Chicken Diablo Primo® $8.99
Chicken Diablo Whole $20.99
Pork Diablo Small $6.49
Pork Diablo Primo® $8.99
Pork Diablo Whole $19.99
Italian Diablo Small $5.99
Italian Diablo Primo® $8.99
Italian Diablo Whole $20.99
AuDiablo Small $6.99
AuDiablo Primo® $9.49
AuDiablo Whole $20.99
Veggie Diablo Small $5.49
Veggie Diablo Primo® $7.89
Veggie Diablo Whole $18.99
Ham & Cheese Diablo Small $5.99
Ham & Cheese Diablo Primo® $7.99
Ham & Cheese Diablo Whole $18.99
Beef Diablo Small $6.99
Beef Diablo Primo® $9.99
Beef Diablo Whole $21.99

Healthy Choice

Lower in Fat or Sodium Content
Tuna Delight Small $6.49
Tuna Delight Primo® $8.79
Tuna Delight Whole $19.99
Healthy Cheese Small $4.99
Healthy Cheese Primo® $7.49
Healthy Cheese Whole $18.99
Slim “T” Small $5.99
Slim “T” Primo® $8.49
Slim “T” Whole $19.99
Healthy Ham & Cheese Small $5.99
Healthy Ham & Cheese Primo® $7.99
Healthy Ham & Cheese Whole $18.99
White Tuna Small $5.49
White Tuna Primo® $7.99
White Tuna Whole $18.99

Our Specialties

All Primo® Size Hoagies Are Available in a Low Carb or Whole Wheat Wrap or o Hoagie In A Bowl (No Bread). All Small Size Hoagies Are Available On Our Signature Wheat Roll
Italian Small $5.99
Italian Primo® $8.49
Italian Whole $19.99
Mild Italian Small $5.99
Mild Italian Primo® $8.49
Mild Italian Whole $19.99
Sharp Italian Small $5.99
Sharp Italian Primo® $8.79
Sharp Italian Whole $19.99
Mild Sharp Italian Small $5.99
Mild Sharp Italian Primo® $8.79
Mild Sharp Italian Whole $19.99
Old Italian Small $6.49
Old Italian Primo® $8.99
Old Italian Whole $20.99
Turkey Breast & Cheese Small $5.99
Turkey Breast & Cheese Primo® $8.79
Turkey Breast & Cheese Whole $19.99
Big “T” Small $5.99
Big “T” Primo® $8.49
Big “T” Whole $19.99
Roast Beef & Cheese Small $6.99
Roast Beef & Cheese Primo® $9.99
Roast Beef & Cheese Whole $22.99
Audie Small $6.99
Audie Primo® $9.49
Audie Whole $20.99
Ham & Cheese Small $5.49
Ham & Cheese Primo® $7.99
Ham & Cheese Whole $18.99
American Small $4.99
American Primo® $7.49
American Whole $18.99
Bologna & Cheese Small $4.99
Bologna & Cheese Primo® $7.49
Bologna & Cheese Whole $18.99
Corned Beef & Swiss Small $6.49
Corned Beef & Swiss Primo® $8.99
Corned Beef & Swiss Whole $20.99
Schwartzie Small $6.99
Schwartzie Primo® $9.99
Schwartzie Whole $22.99
Turkey Schwartzie Small $6.49
Turkey Schwartzie Primo® $8.99
Turkey Schwartzie Whole $21.99
Roast Beef Schwartzie Small $6.99
Roast Beef Schwartzie Primo® $9.99
Roast Beef Schwartzie Whole $22.99
Suprimo Small $5.99
Suprimo Primo® $8.99
Suprimo Whole $19.99
Gianna Small $6.99
Gianna Primo® $8.99
Gianna Whole $20.99
Sulmona Small $6.99
Sulmona Primo® $9.99
Sulmona Whole $22.99
“R” Special Small $6.99
“R” Special Primo® $9.99
“R” Special Whole $22.99
Napolitano Small $6.99
Napolitano Primo® $8.99
Napolitano Whole $20.99
Sopressata & Sharp Small $5.99
Sopressata & Sharp Primo® $8.99
Sopressata & Sharp Whole $19.99
Pal Joey Small $6.49
Pal Joey Primo® $8.99
Pal Joey Whole $20.99
Sicilian Small $5.99
Sicilian Primo® $8.79
Sicilian Whole $19.99
New Yorker Small $5.99
New Yorker Primo® $8.79
New Yorker Whole $19.99
Abruzzi Small $5.99
Abruzzi Primo® $8.99
Abruzzi Whole $19.99
Nellie Small $5.99
Nellie Primo® $8.79
Nellie Whole $19.99
Soprano Small $5.99
Soprano Primo® $8.99
Soprano Whole $19.99
Crusher Small $6.99
Crusher Primo® $9.99
Crusher Whole $22.99
Buffalo Chicken Small $6.99
Buffalo Chicken Primo® $8.99
Buffalo Chicken Whole $20.99
Tavern & Swiss Small $5.49
Tavern & Swiss Primo® $7.89
Tavern & Swiss Whole $18.99

Primo Hots

Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage Small $5.99
Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage Primo® $8.59
Old Fashioned Style Italian Sausage Whole $19.99
Old Fashioned Meatball Small $5.99
Old Fashioned Meatball Primo® $8.59
Old Fashioned Meatball Whole $19.99
Old World Style Meatball Small $5.99
Old World Style Meatball Primo® $8.59
Old World Style Meatball Whole $19.99
Eggplant Parmigiana Small $4.99
Eggplant Parmigiana Primo® $7.59
Eggplant Parmigiana Whole $18.99

Catering Hoagies Trays

Mini Tray (Feeds 5-6) $39.99
Assorted Tray (Feeds 8–10) $59.99
Deluxe Tray (Feeds 12-14) $79.99
Super Deluxe Tray (Feeds 18-20) $95.99
Super-Duper Tray (Feeds 22-25) $115.99
Vegetarian Tray (Feeds 8-10) $59.99
Specialty Tray (Feeds 8–10) $69.99
Healthy Tray (Feeds 8-10) $59.99
Diablo Tray (Feeds 8-10) $69.99
Old Italy Tray (Feeds 12-14) $84.99

Catering Primo® Cookies

Cookie Platter 12 Pc. $11.99
Cookie Platter 18 Pc. $16.99

Sandwich Toppings

Stuffed Pepper Shooters Small $1.09
Stuffed Pepper Shooters Primo® $1.99
Stuffed Pepper Shooters Whole $4.99
Italian Long Hot Peppers Small $0.69
Italian Long Hot Peppers Primo® $1.29
Italian Long Hot Peppers Whole $2.49
Bruschetta Small $0.79
Bruschetta Primo® $1.59
Bruschetta Whole $2.99
Roasted Red Peppers Small $0.49
Roasted Red Peppers Primo® $0.79
Roasted Red Peppers Whole $1.59
Broccoli Rabe Small $0.39
Broccoli Rabe Primo® $0.79
Broccoli Rabe Whole $1.59
Schwartzie Dressing Small $0.49
Schwartzie Dressing Primo® $0.79
Schwartzie Dressing Whole $1.59

Catering Sampler Platters

Italian Sampler Small $39.99
Italian Sampler Large $69.99
Pepperoni & Cheese Sampler Small $25.99
Pepperoni & Cheese Sampler Large $49.99
Cheese Sampler Small $25.99
Cheese Sampler Large $49.99

Primo Hoagies Near Me 


Q.What size is a Primo Hoagie ?

Hot Hoagies are 22-24 long seeded rolls . They are cut in either 4 or 8 pieces and wrapped in halfs in insulated cushioned foil .

Q.Are primos hogaies hot or cold ?

Available hot or cold ! 33 People like this .  Please ask galloway to offer the hot sandwich .

Q.What meat does primos use?

Primo gets some elements of the signature sandwiches right : They’re packed with every from of italian lunch meat , including salami , sappressata , capicola and prosciutto and the requisite cheese .

Q.What states have primo hoagies ?

Headquartered in westville, new jersey, primohagies now has franchise locations open across pennsylvania, delaware, florida, maryland, new jersey, north carolina and south carolina.
Primo Hoagies is a sandwich shop chain that has a presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On these platforms, they share information about menu items, promotions, and events. Customers can also connect with the company and leave reviews or ask questions.

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