You are currently viewing Pita Pit Menu Price List [Updated 2022]

Pita Pit Menu Price List [Updated 2022]

Pita Pit is a fast-casual restaurant chain. Pita Pit Menu Price List is a quick service restaurant that healthy and fresh fast food. American produce creates a blend of flavors that customers love. Pita Pit Menu Price List is a little higher than average fast food restaurant prices. Pita Pit really is all about pita sandwiches. Pita Pit Menu is famous for serving healthy food to its customers. Pita Pit Menu Price List is 450+ Pita Pit restaurants across 12 countries.

Pita Pit Menu Price List

The Pita Pit Menu has items like drinks, kids pitas, breakfast pitas, veggie pitas, smoothies, etc…

Let’s know a little bit about Pita Pit Menu Price List.





Fountain Drink $2.29
Soft Drink Bottle $2.55
Water Bottle $2.55
Orange Juice Bottle $2.55
Powerade Bottle $2.55
Gold Peak Sweet Tea Bottle $2.55
Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea Bottle $2.55

Kids Pitas

Li’l Turkey $4.47
Li’l Ham $4.47
Li’l Hummus $4.47
Li’l Chicken $4.47

Breakfast Pitas

Awakin with Bacon $7.92
Ham n’ Eggs $7.92
Steak n’ Eggs $8.31
Meat the Day $8.18
Morning Glory $7.03

Veggie Pitas

Falafel $8.56
Hummus $7.92
Spicy Black Bean $8.56
Feta Cheese $7.67
Cheddar Cheese $7.67
Provolone $7.67
Garden $7.28
Pepper Jack Pita $7.67


Smoothie (Banana Very Berry, Mango Tango, Berry go Round or Blu Bayou) Medium $5.49


Pita & Dip $3.57
Chips $1.52
Soup $2.93
Quesapita $4.47
Chicken Quesapita $7.03
Cookies $0.76


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Q.What is buffalo chicken pitapat?

Spicy buffalo chicken caesar

Buffalo chicken, bacon, green pepper, red onion, romaine lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, swiss cheese, hot sauce, caesar dressing, and chipotle sauce.

Q.What flavor is buffalo style?

What is buffalo sauce? It’s a tangy, spicy sauce. Think hot sauce with vinegar and some seasonings to make the flavor deep and delicious.

Q.Is pita bread good for diabetics?

Pita bread is great for diabetic patients, especially those made from whole grains. Whole grain pits bread has low carb and high fiber content.

Q.What kind of rice does pita pit use?

Whole-grain brown rice

Introducing rice bowls | Try our fresh take on rice bowls, made with the freshest ingredients and whole-grain brown rice.

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