You are currently viewing Pei Wei Menu Price List US[Updated 2022]

Pei Wei Menu Price List US[Updated 2022]

Pei Wei is a fast-food restaurant chain in America. Pei Wei 150+ restaurants in the USA.One of the popular Chinese restaurants in the Philadelphia area is Pei Wei. Pei Wei has a wide variety of menu items that can satisfy any taste. Pei Wei Menu is extensive and offers something for everyone.

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Pei Wei Menu has items like gluten-free, complete your meal, kid’s menu, lettuce wraps, drinks, wok fresh entrees, lighter offerings, entrees salads, freshly baked cookies, etc…

Below is the Pei Wei Menu Price List.


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Q.Does Pei Wei MSG in their food?

Pei Wei – we never add MSG to our food and we serve all white meat chicken with no added hormones.

Q.What is the new name for Pei Wei spicy chicken?

Spicy General Tso’s chicken

Crispy chicken, garlic, carrots, scallions, red bell peppers, and bean sprouts.

Q.What kind of noodles does Pei Wei use?

The lo mein noodles-pei wei uses egg noodles.

Q.What is the new spicy chicken sandwich?

The spicy take chicken sandwich

seasoned and seared chicken breast, spicy buffalo sauce, crispy pickle chips, and garlic aioli on a brioche roll.

Q.What is spaghetti called in the USA?

Americans may call spaghetti noodles because they are a type of noodle. They may also call them“spaghetti noodles” to differentiate them from the spaghetti dish.

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