You are currently viewing Hot Head Menu Price List US[Updated 2022]

Hot Head Menu Price List US[Updated 2022]

Hot Head Burritos specializes in a wide range of Mexican-style foods, particularly burritos, with these foods being true to their roots. Hot Head Menu have a wide variety of food on their menu. Based in Dayton, the chain has more than 45+ locations in the US. The Hot Head Burritos chain of restaurants obviously prides itself on the excellent quality of its burritos, among other Mexican-style foods.

Hot-Head Food

Hot Head Burritos Menu has items like entree, craft burritos, add a side, craft tacos, drinks, specials, craft bowls, etc…

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Q.What is Hot Head sauce made of? 

A smooth, smoky pepper sauce made from smoked red jalapeno peppers.

Q.Which is better Chipotle or hot head?

Although Hot Heads does sell Guacamole, Chipotle’s is made fresh and has a better taste, according to a few people who voted.

Q.What does hothead sauce taste like?

Wiley describes the signature Hot Head Sauce as “a zesty garlic sauce with medium heat.” “The next most popular sauce is Sweet Habanero, which has a little heat, and then Extreme Habanero, which is pretty warm but also sweet,” Wiley says.

Q.Is a cup of water free at Chipotle?

From eating at Chipotle numerous times, we also knew that Chipotle does in fact give out free water cups to their customers when they ask.

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