You are currently viewing Bonchon Menu Price List [Updated 2022]

Bonchon Menu Price List [Updated 2022]

Bonchon is south Korea’s fried chicken restaurant chain company in the United State. Bonchon Menu serves Korean fried chicken with other Korean dishes. Bonchon Menu is known for the founder’s original soy garlic fried chicken recipe. customers love their crispy and flavorful glazed chicken.

Bonchon Chicken Menu has a lot of variety on the starter’s menu like a salmon avocado ball, bulgogi sliders, shrimp shumai, takoyaki, crispy chicken sliders, and popcorn shrimp.

Bonchon food

Bonchon Menu has items like Korean traditional, signature fried chicken, Asian fusion, buns, wraps and tacos, sides, salad, etc…

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 Q.why is Bonchon chicken so good?

Bonchon is unique in that it brings the authentic flavors of Korean fried chicken with a modern twist. Tradition cooking techniques of double-frying the chicken and then hand-brushing the sauce give in the right amount of crunch with the perfect amount of sauce.

Q.What is the original bonchon flavor?

The start of a delicious adventure.

Bonchon’s original soy garlic and spicy sauce, which to this day is Korean and shipped worldwide.

Q.What is bonchon sicy sauce made of?

The spicy version is made by adding red chili paste and Korean red pepper powder to the soy garlic recipe. You can find these ingredients at Asian markets or online and if you like your wings spicy you’ll want to add these perky ingredients.

Q.What is the white stuff with Korean fried chicken?

If you’ve ever ordered Korean fried chicken at a restaurant before, you might have been served this pickled radish, called chicken-mu.

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